In-Focus : How we help our customers

a-mantraa-mantra for Corporate :

  • Track and manage data on number and contact information of employees/associates working in a given location
  • Consolidate personnel working on a single project at one locale
  • Identify the space occupied in sft by different verticals
  • Create and implement processes for allocating assets to employees
  • Identify & track assets and its lifecycle by status from all locations
  • Inventory all drawing files in CAD format
SatTracx for Govt. :
  • Smart Fleet Management Decisions
  • Leading Solution designed to work with Govt or public or private fleets of any size to transform daily operate by actionable data
  • Improve Efficiency and reduce cost
  • Installed Units monitor locations, Engine Diagnostics and other Performance Metrics of the vehicle 24/7
  • Recover stolen vehicles or assets quickly by relaying tracking data to near by check posts or police stations

SatNav Participated in INFOTEL 2014 , Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Popular Sri Lankan ICT exposition INFOTEL, organized by The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), opened its 2014 edition from October 24th – 26th at the BMICH. Being the flagship event of FITIS, INFOTEL was the largest technology exhibition held in Sri Lanka and was patronized by the key decision makers of leading organizations. The exhibition was featured by the widest range of ICT solutions and services and provided a lucrative platform for new business opportunities.

17 partners in 10 countries

Laxman Rao joined the Sales Partner Network, is actively Focusing on LBS Solutions for Government Departments and North Eastern States of India

Dashath Ram has enrolled as a Partner and is focusing on a-mantra for Defence Organization & AP, UP Police Departments

Satyanarayana M, Joined the Sales Partner Network, is actively focusing and introducing a-mantra Product to all FM communities, IT companies of Hyderabad, Blore, Chennai Cities

SHAMSUN CONSULTANTS signed up in Colombo for a-mantra sales

100mn Transactions, 700k Users

SatNav completes of BizPOI project for 15 cities, now has 2014 latest data 100% covered for 208 categories

Attended Cebit 2014 and Nasscom Product Conclave 2014 to explore business opportunities