About Us

SatNav Technologies is a global leader in proprietary cloud-based IT and custom mapping solutions to help organizations increase their efficiency and productivity – both in the field and in the office or facility. Since its inception in India in 2000, SatNav and its highly experienced executive team has expanded its operations around the globe, gaining worldwide recognition, prestigious awards, and Fortune 500 clients along the way.

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Our Mission

To help increase safety and save money while enhancing efficiency and productivity of businesses through our proprietary cloud-based IT and custom mapping software solutions.

Our Vision

To be the global leader in enterprise level cloud-based IT and mapping software solutions.

Our History

2000-01:  Incubated by Satyam Computers with focus on IT products, build Intellectual Property (IP)

2002-03:  a-mantra product framework, Maps developed covering 26 cities in India, Patents filed

2004-05:  New entity SatNav Technologies setup by founding team focused on IT mapping products, IP retained

2006-07:  Launched India’s 1st navigation product SatGuide and Navi software for smart phones

2008-09:  Strategic focus on product development with Series A investment from leading global VC, Sequoia Capital, Expansion of sales outside of India

2010-12:  Added products with recurring revenues, Introduced cloud based map products, Formed joint venture with industry-leading map provider AND of Netherlands, Signed Sri Lanka & Mauritius partnerships

2013-14:  Continued expansion of SatNav’s cloud-based IT and mapping business efficiency solutionswith blue chip organizations around the globe, Increased market reach to 10 countries, Launched U.S. reseller program of a-mantra and SatTracx solutions.

Worldwide Recognition
SatNav’s Products have won a dozen awards & worldwide recognition at various forums since 2002